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Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14

Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14
Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14
Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14
Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14
Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14
Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14

Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14  Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14

Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14. Our mission is supporting artists to create, therefore we seek funds for works in progress. Get high quality works by known artists at great prices, and they will thank you for supporting art creation. Sobre la vida (Libro)', 2005. Description: Artist book with 6 poems by Joan Brossa and 8 woodcuts by Jose Luis Cuevas.

In collaboration with Fundació Joan Brossa and Pepa Llopis (Brossa's widow). Woodcut, Limited edition of 50.

Overall size: 45 x 55 cm. 17.7 x 21.7 in. Print surface: Rives BFK paper 300 g. Hand-signed in pencil by author. Publishers: Tristan Barbará Edicions, Fundació Joan Brossa, Moises Valdes Editions and La Siempre Habana Ediciones.

Certificate of Authenticity issued by La Siempre Habana Ediciones, México 2005. Born and died: Mexico City, 1934 - Mexico City, 2017. Studies: Although this master of the Mexican plastic arts considers himself self-taught, he studied some studies at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving La Esmeralda and later studied graphic arts at the University Teaching Institution of Mexico City. Experience: Cuevas gains notoriety thanks to the manifesto known as the Cortina de Nopal, published as a series of articles that reveals its static ideology in the Supplement Mexico in Culture, from the newspaper Novedades between 1957 and 1959.

Literature has permeated his work since he illustrated The Worlds of Kafka and Cuevas (Philadelphia: Falcon Press, 1957), a luxury book considered a valuable contribution to contemporary bibliofilia. Towards the decade of the 60 it is revealed as one of the most prestigious contemporary lithographers, thanks to the series made in the United States: Recollections of Childhood (1962) and Cuevas Charenton (1964), in Los Angeles; Crime by Cuevas in New York (1968) and Homage to Quevedo (1969) in San Francisco. In the 70s he self-expands in France, where he reaffirms his prestige with the great drawing retrospective dedicated to him by the Museum of Modern Art in Paris (1976). With the extinction of this supplement, your column begins to appear in the newspaper El Universal. He is the author of several autobiographical books, the most recent titled Gato macho (1994), which contains an extensive selection of journalistic contributions.

The decade of the 90s is characterized by a significant increase in its sculptural activity, with bronzes of various sizes, among which stands out La Giganta (1991), a piece that exemplifies the masculine-feminine duality, made especially for the patio of the José Luis Museum Caves. Prizes: He has been awarded important prizes and distinctions such as: First International Drawing Prize at the V Bienal de Sao Paulo (1959); First International Prize of Engraving in the I Triennial of New Dehli (1968); National Prize of Sciences and Arts of Mexico (1981); International Prize of the World Council of Engraving, in San Francisco (1984); The Queen of Spain presents her with the "Tomás Francisco Prieto" Prize, during the inaugural act of the graphic retrospective exhibition dedicated to her by the Casa de la Moneda Museum in Madrid (1997); Receives the Knight's Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic (1991); Enter the National System of Creators as Creator Emeritus (1993); Guest of Honor in the main Mexican cities as well as in Managua, Granada and León de Nicaragua (1993), and in Buenos Aires (1994) Andrés Bello Order; First Class of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (2001). Exhibitions: In 1953, he made his first exhibition at the Prisse Gallery in Mexico City and a year later at the Panamerican Union in Washington, D.

C, where he managed to sell all the work of the exhibition. He became known internationally at a very young age when he exhibited in Washington, D. (1954), in Paris the following year -Picasso then acquired two of his drawings- and in New York (1957). This is the beginning of an extensive career that includes up to now hundreds of individual and collective exhibitions in galleries, museums and art fairs in the main cities of the world.

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  • Artist: Joan Brossa
  • Date of Creation: 2000-Now
  • Features: Signed
  • Height (Inches): 17
  • Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
  • Medium: Woodcut & Block
  • Originality: Original
  • Print Surface: Paper
  • Size: Medium (up to 36in.

  • Style: Mexican
  • Subject: Figures & Portraits
  • Width (Inches): 21
  • Year: 2005
  • Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work

Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14  Mexican Spanish Art JOSE LUIS CUEVAS JOAN BROSSA Artist Book Poems Woodcuts n14