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1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON

1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON

1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON    1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON
ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON. Since 1989 - The Name You Can Trust For Fine Vintage Photogravures, Photographs & Antique Prints. Serving the Design & Decor trades for over 20 years. See our vintage and original prints featured in.

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Browse THOUSANDS of fine vintage photography prints from silver gelatin to photogravure. This Vintage 1959 Photogravure Comes Professionally Dry Mounted On 8 x 10 inch Black Archival Presentation Mat Board And Is Ready To Place In A Standard Size Frame. Photographer: Richard Avedon (American, 1923 - 2004) - internationally renowned portrait and fashion photographer, one of the most important and influential photographers during the last half of the twentieth century. Date Of Negative: 1958 Type Of Print: Authentic Vintage Sheet Fed Photogravure (from original image - authorized by Richard Avedon) Date Of Print: 1959.

Lucerne, Switzerland Original Issue: Bound sheet fed photogravure compilation. Paper: Medium weight - satin/matte finish Print Origin: Switzerland Approximate Image Size Inches: 4.75 x 4.5 inches Approximate Image Size Metric: 12.3 x 11.75 centimeters Mount Board Size Inches: 10 x 8 inches Mount Board Size Metric: 25.5 x 20.5 centimeters Mount Board Color: Black Print Border: No - full bleed print.

Condition Grade: Extra Fine + + Verso: Professionally dry mounted with Bienfang archival materials onto sturdy 4ply museum mat board. Registered Vintage Archive Serial #. Finephoto is pleased to offer an authentic (NOT a computer scanned reprint), genuine 1959 sheet fed photogravure plate produced from the original negative/print by the internationally renowned American photographer Richard Avedon. One of the most significant photographic artists of the 20th century, Avedon's iconic portrait and fashion images are held in important collections and museums throughout the world.

This sheet fed photogravure was originally issued as part of a now scarce, out of print photogravure compilation, engraved and printed in quality sheet fed photogravure by the highly regarded Swiss engraving house of C. Whether you collect photogravure prints or are simply looking for extraordinary home or business decor, this extraordinary photogravure will frame and display beautifully!

This photogravure is guaranteed to be authentic and comes with a hand signed CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (COA) with unique individual registered serial number from the Finephoto Archive & Database. Under magnification this plate shows a tight "honeycomb" cell structure, uniform pressing of ink and a wide range of tone - all indicative of a high quality sheet fed gravure plate. The watermark word "Finephoto" does not appear on the actual print. We list beautiful original vintage photographs, photogravures and antique prints everyday! READY FOR FRAMING & DISPLAY!

- The expensive engraved copper plate photogravure process and the resulting fine prints make vintage photogravures highly collectible and excellent vintage prints for framing. Your vintage print will arrive ready to be placed directly into a standard size frame. While most of our clients frame our quality mounted vintage prints right out of the box exactly as delivered, you also have the option of adding an overlay window mat in the color or style of your choice which can be inexpensively done with a quick visit to your local arts/crafts store or framing shop. Secure archival packaging includes water/tear resistant carrier, custom made 275 lb.

Triple wall inserts, individual acid free black archival backing boards, individual ultra clear heavy duty archival print protectors and a hand signed Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) from Finephoto. To supplement and replenish those holdings we are regularly acquiring new collections and portfolios from around the world as opportunities present themselves. As a result of this ongoing procurement of vintage materials, when we feel we are "deep enough" in specific areas we will be open to accept offers which are reasonably close to the listing price of an item. So, if you decide to use the Best Offer option in those listings which contain one and make us a reasonable offer, we will do our best to accept.

ABOUT PHOTOGRAVURE: Photogravure is an intaglio print making process utilizing a carefully etched copper plate made from the original negative/image. Prints are made by pressing suitable paper heavily down upon the inked copper plate which has been intricately etched to varying depths corresponding with the actual tonality of the original negative, This precisely etched plate combined with a fine "honeycomb" screen controls the amount of ink to be transferred to the paper at any given point in direct proportion to the variation of tone in the original image. The result is a true continuous tone print which combines many qualities of a traditional silver based photograph with a tactile feel similar to an etching, engraving or lithograph. Rich in tonal detail, the photogravure process produces delicately rendered shades for a look which is unique in the world of photographic print making. In the early to mid 1900's photogravure was selected (when budgets allowed) for special high quality publishing and portfolio projects, but due to it's significant expense and labor, the process is rarely seen today. From Man Ray and Ruth Bernhard to Brett Weston and Ansel Adams, many of the world's most renown photographic masters have published their images in the rich photogravure process. At Finephoto we are always 100% committed to your complete satisfaction! We will continue striving to bring you the very best in quality, variety and excellence in photographic imagery for your collecting and photographic art needs.

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1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON    1958 Vintage 8x10 T. S. ELIOT Poetry Literature Theatre By RICHARD AVEDON