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  • 598 Fanzine Ed Merz Mail Pere Sousa 2002 Mail Art Visual Poetry Grupo Escombros
  • Rare Authentic 1694 Leather Bound Book Antique Decor Display Old Art Of Poetry
  • Arts & Crafts Signed Bindings Leather Bound 2 Vol Set Herrick's Works Nouveau
  • 1793 1ed Fables John Gay Illustrated William Blake Art English Literature Poems
  • 1656 Medical Poem Art Of Making Beautiful Children Callipaedia By Claude Quillet
  • Unique, 1895, Album Of Beautiful Original Art, Emile Puttaert, Manuscript Poems
  • 30 Days. 1930. 6 Novella Soviet Foreign, Poems Art Magazine Russian
  • 30 Days. 1940 3-4 Novella Soviet Foreign, Poems Art Magazine Russian
  • 1883 1st Ed Kate Greenaway Little Ann Other Poems Color Illustrated Art Taylor
  • The Lay Of Maldoror, Lautréamont, Ducasse, Poetry, Rare, Art, Surrealism, French
  • Art Nouveau Binding 1st Ed 1893 Large Paper Beatiful Fine Vellum Antique Gift
  • The Divine Comedy Divina Commedia Dante 20 Illustrations Woodcut Poetry Art Poem
  • Easton Press The Art Of Love Ovid Sex Collectors Limited Edition Latin Poetry
  • 1813 Scarborough Sketches 21 Color Illustrated Plates Poems Art Humor Rowlandson
  • 1805 William Blake Engravings Hayley Ballads Animals Children's Poems Rare 1st
  • 1845 Fore Edge Painting Paradise Lost John Milton Fine Binding Birket Foster Art