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  • 1924 Signed Intaglio Print By Haku Maki Poem 42-82 30/201 Listed Artist
  • Bruno Simon/sculptures/incisions/poems/modern Art/signed By Artist/austrian
  • Original Abstract Art Knife Painting On Canvas With Poem, À Footstep Forward
  • Acrylic Original Persian Calligraphy Painting On Canvas, Sayeh Poem
  • Canvas Art Original Modern Painting With Persian Calligraphy, Rumi Poem
  • Haku Maki Print Poem 71-53
  • Haku Maki Print Poem 71-86
  • Original Painting & Persian Caligraphy Of Hafez Poem By Mohtadi Mirak
  • The Calligraphy Of Tang Dynasty Poems 300, Hand Writing, Art By Hamish